30 min 39 eur
60 min  49 eur
80 min  59 eur
90 min 69 eur
( 70 min massage + 20 min IR sauna)

What this is:
The stones are generally smooth and round in shape. Basalt stone is used for warm procedures and marble stone for cold procedures. Massaging with them helps relieve chronic or acute stress, which in turn improves the immune system and mood. The hot-cold cycle helps relieve muscle tension and tone muscles, improves digestion and blood circulation, as well as activates the lymphatic system drainage. The procedure offers a good meditative time.
Such a procedure with cold and warm stones were also done in ancient Greece.
Not suitable for whom
Vascular diseases:
• Acute thrombosis
• Heart attack
Skin surface disorders:
• Open wounds
• Infection
• Tumours
Acute injuries (first two to three days after injury):
• Hamstring tear
• Rupture of ligaments
• Tendon rupture
Systemic diseases:
• Febrile diseases
• Tumours
• Wounds, fresh surgical scars, burns and other skin irritations