Warming up in an infrared sauna is not just a pleasant experience, but also a real help for the
cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and immune systems.
Being in a sauna gently warms up the body and improves blood circulation, which has a
positive effect on the work of the heart, and the elasticity of blood vessels, and reduces the
level of cholesterol level in the blood.
When visiting the sauna, lactic acid is removed from muscle tissue, which helps relieve pain
and relax after muscle strain.
Regularly doing sessions in the infrared sauna, you can lose weight and get rid of cellulite.
1. The procedure should be enjoyed in a sitting position.
2. During the procedure, carefully wipe the sweat that appears on the body.
3. Session should last no more than 30 min.
4. You should go to the infrared sauna after cleaning your body well.
It is recommended to visit the bath 2-3 times a week or every other day at a temperature of
only 37-47 ° C and natural humidity.
Contraindications for visiting the infrared sauna:
• Hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis);
• Malignant formations;
• Adenoma, fibroids; infectious diseases; increased body temperature; pregnancy
and lactation.