Cupping massage

Cupping massage-is based on a method due to the occurrence of hyperemia (an excess of blood in the
vessels supplying an organ or other part of the body), irritation of skin receptors by the vacuum created
in the cup. Under the influence of cupping massage, the peripheral circulation of blood, lymph and the
extracellular fluid improves.

Honey massage

Honey massage- is a luxurious body treatment done with only pure natural honey.During the massage,
the honey is absorbed by the skin and the bioactive ingredients in it give the metabolism a reinvigorating
effect through the lymph and blood circulation.After the massage, your skin will be nourished and soft as
silk. Honey massage is superb for people who want to tone and tighten loose skin and rid their body of

Aroma massage

Aroma massage -includes all the benefits of a regular massage, (improved circulation, lymph
drainage etc.) with the added benefit of a blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs.

Chocolate mask for kids and adults

Chocolate mask for kids and adults- it is a deep nourishing and moisturizing treatment which pampers
the body and soul. Cocoa stimulates the production and secretion of endorphins in the brain and helps to
combat anxiety and stress. The feel of chocolate on the skin and the rich natural scent creates a relaxing
and exhilarating atmosphere.

Peeling with a see salt and aroma oils

Peeling with a see salt and aroma oils- salt has anti-bacterial qualities, so it’s helpful for maintaining
bacteria-free skin and preventing itchiness. Sea salt forms an exellent scrub for the entire body which is
a gentle and natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, revealing smooth and fresh skin.The effect
between the salt and skin which causes exfoliation, also encourages the circulation of blood.