Vibration plate POWRX:
Is a high-tech professional device and is recommended to support massages – relaxation and loosening of the muscles. It also promotes blood circulation.
The manufacturer recommends using Low for 10 minutes.
Also, it helps for fat loss and detoxification of the body.
The device is also used in professional sports for training or muscle building, for the whole body or different parts of the body, foot, abdomen, upper body, shoulder, back.
Effects on the body
• blood vessels
• skin
• harmony
• capsules and joints
• bone cartilage
• musculature
• nerves and neurotransmitters
• tendons/connective tissue/fascia
The device should not be used with:
 Acute inflammation or infection
 Acute joint diseases, as well as arthrosis and acute rheumatoid disease
 Severe diabetes
 Epilepsy
 Gallstones
 Joint implants
 Heart valve diseases
 Heart and vascular diseases
 Cardiac arrhythmias
 Kidney stones
 Disc damage (discopathy) and spondylolysis
 Tumours
 Fresh infections
 Pregnancy
 Severe migraine
 Fresh surgical wounds and open wounds
If you have any of the following conditions, talk to your doctor before training to avoid